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Senate Bill 200

Citrus County Chronicle
February 24, 2011.

Senator Mike Fasano was quoted in the Citrus County Chronicle of Thursday February 24, 2011, regarding state Senate Bill 200, as follows:

He [Sen. Fasano] also said he is the primary sponsor of Florida Senate Bill 200 to repeal provisions relating to cost recovery for siting, design, licensing and construction of new nuclear and integrated gasification combined cycle power plants.

"I believe that it is inherently unfair for utilities to ask their customers, our constituents, to front the costs of massive and expensive construction projects that are not even guaranteed to be completed." Fasano said "These risky investments ought to be the responsibility of utility shareholders and their investment partners, not the average ratepayer that is already struggling to pay their monthly utility bill or keep their business afloat."

In another similar letter to state Legislators, Fasano urged support for S.B. 200.

"By further allowing these corporations unrestricted ability to pass on the costs of new power generating facilities, without guaranteeing that these facilities will ever actually operate and provide power to customers, policymakers are placing undue financial burden where it doesn't belong." Fasano said, "Every dollar a citizen keeps in his pocket instead of sending to the power company is a dollar that can help strengthen the state's economy."

Progress Energy's position has been that postponing the pre-construction costs until the plant is operational will increase the overall costs of the project and ultimately make electricity even more expensive for our customers.

"It would be like paying off your credit card every month instead of allowing a balance to accumulate," said Cherie Jacobs, Progress Energy spokeswoman, "Legislation is critical to support state-of the-art nuclear power, Progress Energy would not be able to build without this provision."

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