The Amy H Remley Foundation  

The Amy H Remley Foundation


To gain an insight into what inspired Amy Remley and continues to inspire us to protect and preserve our heritage for future generations, you are invited to spend a few minutes of your life viewing a video about life in Three Sisters Springs – courtesy of Tracy Colson (video) and Katherine Archer (music).

Click here to view the video

The Amy H Remley Foundation is a public charity enabling donors to contribute to its work and deduct donations from their tax returns. In dollar terms, some project needs are very large and some are small, but all will make a difference. Acquiring acres of land to restore to a natural state of precious wildlife habitat, requires much. Posting a flier to bring an education source to the notice of citizens, requires little. Both can yield untold benefits.

Our Legacy

Everyone helps to shape the legacy of the changed environment we leave behind.

Either, a bald eagle, symbol of this great nation, swooping down into the crystal clear waters of Crystal River/Kings Bay takes a fine fish to feed to its young at the nest.

Or, that bald eagle, symbol of a great nation, scavenging among our plastic trash hard by Gulf to Lake Highway ...

Because, Crystal River/Kings Bay, crystal clear no more, is rotting vegetation bathed twice a day by toxic tides laced with radio active effluent dumped from a Levy nuclear power plant.

We hope that our work in seeking to educate everyone will favor the former rather than the latter.


Welcome to the website of the Amy H Remley Foundation, Incorporated, which is comprised of five sections: The Foundation, Education, Conservation, Restoration and Current Issues sections together with a list of News items.

The Foundation section contains information specific to the corporation, its mission and a summary under Activities, of projects in hand, completed, and for the future.

The Education section describes Features, factors which influence those features under Impacts, and Resources which contains an index to help navigation within the website when working from a prescribed program such as a curriculum or lesson plan. A Glossary of several hundred words uses a pop up facility so that the reader may see instantly the meaning of a word by simply placing the cursor over a word in blue. (Please note that having a pop up blocker enabled on your computer will disable this function). When the word in blue appears underlined, a click will move the reader to another relevant page. An index of peer reviewed reference documents is to be added as a resource.

The Conservation section includes information for members of the community to follow to help prevent water quality being degraded further.

The Restoration section indicates activities that could contribute to restoring ecosystem imbalance in the environment to a better balance and assist in improving water quality.

The Current Issues section maintains brief details of significant issues in order to keep them in the mind's eye.

News and Views
News Items

November 30, 2013
On environment, shortsightedness costs Florida big.
Scott Maxwell, Taking Names.
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October 9, 2013
Fuel Cell Today analysis.
The Fuel Cell Industry Review 2013.
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September 25, 2013
Fuel Cell Today analysis.
The Potential for Fuel Cell Prime Power in Japan.
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August 1, 2013
Duke Energy to cancel proposed Levy County nuclear plant.
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May 22, 2013
Fuel Cell Today analysis.
Electrolysers for Renewable Energy Efficiency.
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March 13, 2013
Beyond Electricity: Using Renewables Effectively.
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September 24, 2012
Sewer Systems Legal Filing.
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February 1, 2012
Fuel Cell Today update.
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January 13, 2012
Sewer Agenda.
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December 23, 2011
Scientist: Water account overdrawn.
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Novemver 14, 2011
Submission to the Citrus County Commissioner, 14 November, 2011.
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