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May 21, 2008

The need for the Progress Energy nuclear plants in Levy County.

On the need for the Progress Energy nuclear plants in Levy County, I spoke at the meeting on April 23rd., at the Plantation Inn in Crystal River and followed that with a more detailed written submission to the PSC. I am writing now as Director of the Amy H Remley Foundation and Director of the Kings Bay Association.

The transcript of the April meeting confirms that the majority of those who spoke were against the proposal.

My own research of peer reviewed world scientific literature over a period of five years leads me to conclude that nuclear powered electricity generation cannot rescue the nation from the effects of climate change, neither as a practicable proposition, nor in time. The same is true for the rest of the world.

Environmentally, to proceed as planned without a thorough impact analysis, in the interest only of the profitability of such a utility corporation can only be described as a wanton destruction of natural resources. Effects upon the scarce aquifer resource used for cooling and effluent dilution, sea grass meadows from heated effluent discharges, protected species habitat, and breed grounds of our marine food web, and consequent economic losses are some examples of adverse potential impacts.

The cost benefit figures offered predicate unsustainable growth, where clean water is the scarce resource not electricity. Moreover, subsidies would seem to underpin the apparent cost justification.

Destruction of environmental resources by clear cutting for passage of transmission lines is to be deplored, when electricity conservation and modular (localized solar) generation could and should be harnessed. (This would not be advanced by the corporation as it would undermine their monopoly position and projected bottom line). Longer term costs and spent fuel penalties do not appear to be considered.

From a local perspective, the urgent need is to replace the polluting coal fired plants at the Crystal River site.

I respectfully ask the commission to reject the Progress Energy proposal for Levy county so that a thorough independent analysis can assess the true need and the best way to deal with the broader issues involved.

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